Another Reason Daily Papers Are Dying


You're confusing punditry with journalism. It's not an uncommon mistake, nowadays.
I prefer to read dick and fart jokes on the internet, just like the news.
Advertisers are easily offended.
That's NOT why newspapers are dying. Newspapers are dying because their advertising is moving online. And online ads don't pay as well.
grow up.
or shut up...
it's because Dan can't talk about sex.
and santorum.
and poop.
THAT's why daily newspapers are dying...
Hey Dan-
here's a GREAT idea...
You start a newspaper;
a daily newspaper;
say, in Seattle.
And in your daily newspaper you can talk about sex, using the language adults use when they talk to each other about sex, making the kinds of jokes and asides that adults typically do when they're talking to other adults about sex.

You could make a TON of MONEY!

whadaya say?
whadaya say?...
@5, it says another reason, not THE reason.
I really don't think that has much to do with it, but mmkay.
Use this checklist:

1. comics
2. scandals - sex in at least one-fifth of them
3. local stuff they care about
4. use the front page for ads and don't apologize.

Everything else is a waste of time.
The Stranger isn't dying, it just doesn't pay as well as the Weekly.

Did reporter ask semi-tough questions: What was your speaking fee last night? What was its source? Were you paid in American dollars or Loonies?
@ 4 - No, wingnuts with their radar up for this stuff are easily offended.
i notice that comments are way, way, way down on slog, dan. i wonder if noise for the needy found buying the stranger for a week worthwhile? did they make any money? did anyone besides their friends read their posts? maybe the alt weeklies are dying, too.
Newspapers are dying because what they report is yesterday's news. If I want to read news that's actually new, I turn to the internet. The only time I read a daily newspaper these days is when I'm in a coffee shop where they're provided for free.
@5, 14 have very good points.

In the end, the Fox news model is a flash in the pan, and returning to your roots is what works.

Which does not mean the post-Watergate roots, but the ones that papers have had throughout history, where scandal, lurid articles, gossip, comics, and lots of ads are what works - and all the rest is but a fad, full of ink and furries, signifying no revenues.
the internet still gets most content from dailies, so yeah, whatever.
@17 Love the shout out to William Carlos Williams at the end there.
How could that be?
The Stranger/Slog is a place where you can talk about sex, especially buttsex, using the language adults use when they talk to each other about sex, (especially buttsex) making the kinds of jokes and asides and farting noises that adults typically do when they're talking to other adults about sex (did we mention BUTTSEX?).
Indeed, Savage Love is what brought me to The Stranger. I started out just reading Savage love, then started reading Dan's Slog posts, then started reading other people's Slog posts, and eventually started reading the whole paper. As a result I know more about Seattle politics than I do about my own local area!