Leon Francis writes in response to Dan's recent appearance on the Joy Behar Show.

Who are you again? The only way I saw you was because Fox Nation put a clip on their site. Joy Behar? That is the only place that would give a platform to whine? Joe Klein? The incoherent speaking left wing ideologue....I saw your funny little magazine, er, I mean newspaper. The liberalism in America is almost over. I guess if you have to go on some obscure hate-mongering show like Behar it makes you feel important but alas in reality you are impotent.

The only place that would give Dan a place to "whine" is, um, CNN? And all those other national news networks? Doesn't seem so bad if, you know, all the major news networks are involved. And it's good to know that mainstream media—not the Republican Party, built on decades of racist, sexist, homophobic dogma—are the ones mongering hate. But, alas, according to Francis, "The liberalism in America"—ahem, the liberalism proliferating from a nation of television sets—"is almost over." Please make a note of it.