Everyone's talking about Obama's 90-minute appearance today before the House Republicans. It turned into a debate over health care, jobs, and everything else, all live on C-SPAN, and Obama beat back every Republican talking point while also revealing the fraudulence of conservative claims that they're proposing serious alternative policies and/or trying to work with him on Democratic proposals.

Klein: "Transfixing." Ambinder: "An amazing moment." Hayes: "The most I've liked the president since inauguration day, probably." Sullivan: "Remarkable." Scherer: "Historic and fascinating." Smith: "GOP aides telling me it was a mistake to allow cameras in."

Watch it:

UPDATE: Looks like the fact that everyone in the world is now linking to this has caused C-SPAN's video servers to crash or something. Hold tight, hopefully it will come back shortly. (Or, you can try watching the MSNBC version, though it doesn't have the full event.)

UPDATE 2: And it's back. For now. Enjoy!