A handful of Republican representatives in Olympia filed a bill on Monday that would require applicants for state drivers licenses or instruction permits to provide proof "that the applicant's presence in the United States is authorized under federal law." This comes nearly a week and a half after Senate Republicans filed their own bill seeking to do the same. However, you need not worry since none of the five similar bills that have been proposed since 2005 (one, two, three, four, and five) have even made it out of committee. In fact, the committees never even scheduled public hearings for any of them.

So, why do these lawmakers keep pushing for an evidently dead cause? I called Representative Tom Campbell (R-2), the sponsor of the bill introduced this week, to try to get an answer. After my first call was not returned, I tried again, and a member of his staff informed me that "he would not be interested in making a comment at this moment."

Senator Val Stevens (R-39), the sponsor of the senate's bill, had this to say in an official statement:

"Since they have already committed a felony by entering the U.S. illegally, many illegal immigrants will continue to break the law. Too often they drive without insurance, contribute to gang problems, and lie about their status in order to obtain work."

As you may recall, this is the same senator who said that if Referendum 71 passed, the homosexuals were "finally going to take control of our culture and push their depraved lifestyle on our children and families."