America underwater: The president's budget, even though it cuts the deficit in the long term, ends up growing it again over the longer term.

Whatever, Europe: Obama won't attend a May summit meeting in Madrid, and people are furious.

DADT repeal announcement: "The creation of a group to assess how to carry out..."

Oscars! Avatar, The Hurt Locker, Precious, and Inglorious Basterds at the top of the nomination tally.

No rethinking 520: Says Gregoire, who believes the changes demanded by Seattle's mayor, city council, and Olympia delegation will cause too long a delay.

$2 billion: The amount of federal stimulus funding spent in Washington State so far, creating or saving tens of thousands of jobs.

Flock of peacocks: In Sultan, disturbing the Hummers.

Palin calls for Emmanuel's ouster: Over his use of the word "retarded."

Primary day: In the race for Obama's old senate seat.

Also in Illinois: With multiple primary races in the state full of crazy, one brings a crazy harsh attack ad: