Sanitizing Snow White: Kirkland elementary school removes references to dimness, stupidity, senility, craziness, orphans, female curvature, and short people.

Tea Party: Not sanitized, and opening in Nashville.

National jobless rate falls: To 9.7 percent.

Seattle home prices: Rising.

Financial reform: At... wait for it... an impasse in Congress.

Blanket hold: On Obama's nominees, by one Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama.

Did Michelle Obama just call her daughters fat? People are outraged.

Sarkozy: Once a suck up, now a trash talker.

A little remodeling: At the space station.

Guilty plea: By the 71-year-old Edmonds man who assaulted two LaRouchies over their Obama-as-Hitler poster.

And the blogs, as always, must be crazy: