The first fascinating part of a BBC story that concerns a popular but controversial Bollywood actor:

A Bollywood film featuring star Shah Rukh Khan has opened amid tight security in a few cinemas in the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay).

More than 1,800 people have been arrested at protests against My Name is Khan....

The second fascinating part:

Khan angered the hard line Hindu party, Shiv Sena, by saying he regretted that no Pakistani cricketers had been picked for next month's Indian Premier League.

The third:

Himanshu Roy, a joint commissioner of police, said about 150 Shiv Sena supporters had hurled stones and tried to force their way into some theatres, but had been beaten back. Police made 49 arrests, he told The Associated Press.

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Shah Rukh Khan has thanked his fans via the Twitter website for turning out in such large numbers to see the film.

The last fascinating part:

In the film, Khan plays a Muslim with Asperger's syndrome whose life in the US changes after the 11 September 2001 attacks.

To bring things home, My Name is Khan is currently playing at a theater in Tukwila (the Regal Parkway Plaza 12).