The stairs up to OHGE.
  • The stairs up to OHGE.

Mandy Greer's project Mater Matrix Mother and Medium just keeps moving through geographies. Last spring, in its early stages, it was a folky series of 30—THIRTY—different crocheting events that happened all around the city. They were open to anybody and held in various settings.

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Greer draped the trees at West Seattle's Camp Long with the indigo results, and left the river of crocheting there to sparkle and confuse and delight. One humid, mosquitoey day, on the bank of the pond—which is filled with a hose when it gets too low—she showed up and performed. (It was disquieting, in a good way.)

Now—after having visited Atlanta, too, in a detour—the original river of crocheting plus rocks from Camp Long plus staged photographs plus post-performance sculptures plus a film that's yet another iteration of MMMM are on display on the border between Seattle's industrial southern downtown and International District, at OHGE Ltd. It doesn't have a home so much as it wants to be a home. It creates a zone that includes the forest and fashion and film and the 70s and ancientness inside this modernist building that's become its own little art center.

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