This is the best news to start off a work-week. Two weeks ago, a Slog commenter named Ben had an idea. The idea was a simple one: Gay couples all across the country who would like to marry should get engaged and post their engagement in local newspapers, saying they plan to hold a ceremony "as soon as it's legal."

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Last week, I got an e-mail from Michael Maria, who wrote:

Hi Paul - I took Ben's and your advice from the Feb. 12th post - The Kitsap Sun posted our announcement on their website! We're now officially fiancees. I requested the announcement to be posted in the printed paper on Sunday - I'll let you know if it shows up. We're forwarding it to friends and family - Thanks for suggesting such a simple, positive action to take!

Today, Michael sent a scan of the page that ran in the Kitsap Sun yesterday. Here's a screen shot:

(And if you want to see the whole page, you can download the PDF.)

Congratulations to Karl and Michael for finding each other and making it work, and for being brave enough to make a public statement. This is just beautiful.

Who's next?