Enjoy some songs from Avenue Q as you read this post.

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Once again, grown adults are gathering their skirts and shrieking about... puppets. Last month, some Christians convened an emergency prayer circle in the lobby of Seattle Children's Theater after seeing Pero, a Dutch play for six-year-olds about a baker's sentimental education.

Now an advertising company in Colorado Springs has censored a bus-shelter advertisement for Avenue Q, the Tony Award-winning puppet musical that toured to Seattle two Junes ago. (Read Christopher Frizzelle's enthusiastic review of the clever show here.)


Lucy the Slut has proudly displayed her cleavage all across the country, appearing in posters that feature her voluptuous bosoms barely contained in a glittery brassiere.

But Lucy, one of the puppet stars of the risque Broadway show "Avenue Q," won't get the same exposure in the conservative bastion of Colorado Springs, Colo., where her ample — if also pink and fuzzy — endowment has proved too much for a billboard company.

As an account executive at Lamar Advertising said: "If I have to explain it to my 4-year-old or my grandmother, we don’t put it up."

So... you have to explain breasts to your grandmother? And a four-year-old shouldn't be allowed to see what is, basically, a woman in a bikini? (And haven't many, many four-year-olds just graduated from

And a quick look around Lamar's website shows plenty of busty images available for "outdoor advertising campaigns," especially via their partners at Shutterstock ("these images can be emailed to you if requested for an outdoor advertising campaing [sic]").

They'd probably pitch a fit if we posted the photos without their permission, but follow the links to find bustiness: Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé, "handsome man ironing attractive brunette," "beautiful girl standing in a big paint container," and, uh, "crowd bikini models."

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Instead of Lucy's cleavage, Avenue Q is running head-shots of other characters—including Rod, the neurotic Republican closet case.

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