That's right! The American Academy of Forensic Sciences, who've come to the downtown convention center for their 62nd annual meeting, with hundreds of lectures and seminars about death and dismemberment—and an entire day devoted to bite marks.

Just the talk titles are a tour of the awesomely/horribly macabre:

Fatal Caffeine Intoxication: A Review of Seven Cases

Suicide Notes: What Are the Victims Trying to Tell Us?

Inter- and Intra-Element Variation in Carnivore and Rodent Scavenging Patterns

Forensic Imaging: Yes, We Scan!

Bullet Ricochet off Water

Hara-Kiri or Homicide?

Prevalence of Asphyxial Games in Sadomasochists and Nonsadomasochists

Newborn Kidnapping by Crude Cesarean Section

Mama Mia! Murder and Disposal of a Corpse in a Pizza Oven

Plus eight presentations from the Last Word Society, which investigates old, cold cases: "The Great White Dope: Was Jim Jeffries Drugged Before His Title Fight With Jack Johnson?," "The Scientific Genius of Archimedes: How Do We Know That Much of It Was Real?," and "Money, Malice, or Meat? The Whys and Wherefores of Horse Murder."

The convention costs a few hundred bucks to attend, but they've got special deals for students, press, and other folks. Check out the full schedule here.