The Tea Party is all pissed at Scott Brown because he voted for the $15-billion jobs bill along with four other Republicans. He announced as much Monday night, and the internet exploded with criticism:

Cries of "letdown," "betrayal," "sellout," and "RINO" — "Republican in name only" — flew around Twitter. By late Tuesday afternoon, more than 4,200 people had left comments on Brown's Facebook page, most harshly negative. (And liberals engaged in some cyber-schadenfreude at the same time.)

Just five days earlier, Brown had been cheered loudly by conservative activists at a gathering in Washington. He was so warmly received that some in the crowd began suggesting he could be another Ronald Reagan and help usher in a new era of conservatism. [...]

By Monday night, many of his Twitter followers had concluded that a White House run had become out of the question — even as he entered Day 19 of his Senate tenure.

So much for that mandate.