Five for Five: Dick Cheney released from hospital.

Yesterday in WTF?: Woman points toy gun, then throws it at Forza Coffee drive-thru barista.

Boeing Got Up Early Today: Pentagon to Release Tanker Bid Proposal at 1 pm Today: The potential bidding companies will have 75 days to respond to the proposal.

Conflict of Interest: Charges filed against Olympia's mayor pro tem: three felonies for doobie.

Sideshow to Distract Us from Lack of Decent Health Care Continues: "No Show Akio" apologizes for something that's killed far fewer people.

Bad Week: Google Europe hit with official complaints of anti-competitive behavior.

In Italy: A Milan court convicted three Google executives for violating the privacy of an Italian boy with Down’s syndrome by letting a video of him being bullied be posted on the site in 2006.

Finally Gonged: Youtube pulls original Rickroll video, which was a really funny internet joke that nerds played on people.

More in the East: National Weather Service warns of another snowstorm headed for Maryland, et al.

Meanwhile in Greece: Police clash with protesters over austerity measures designed to bolster failing economy.

Recently in laughs: Straw Polls, Ron Paul, CPAC, and FOX NEWS DOESN'T LIKE IT: