Cienna Madrid on the NIMBYs fighting improvements around light-rail stations:

  • Ananda Lavita
Her appeal claims that residents will be severely impacted by "building height changes... loss of breathable space... aesthetic impacts"—among 39 other complaints. The Seattle City Council cannot review the updated neighborhood plan until the appeal is resolved. In effect, Merrell—who lives four blocks from the station, which opened in 2009—is postponing the inevitable city improvements that come with building a major mass-transit network.

Charles Mudede on robbing a sandwich parlor:

Police proceed to explain that the suspect, who had nearly $400 worth of stolen bills in her pockets, ran down to the Greyhound bus terminal, entered a cab, and told its driver that she was in a hurry—she needed to get to the hospital; her sister was in labor!

Jen Graves tours housing for drunks with Jon Bon Jovi:

So Bon Jovi (still hot, miraculously) took a tour of 1811 Eastlake to look at it as a model for his own foundation's work and talked to a bunch of reporters about why.

Eli Sanders on the Seattle Times' untenable Tea-Party-esque crusade against taxes:

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People trying to balance the budget don't have many kind words for the paper's crusade. Representative Ross Hunter (D-48), chair of the House Finance Committee, said that approaching such a huge problem from an "absolutist" position "is not a helpful way to think about the decisions you have to make."

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