As I noted earlier, today is Beef Day. I also promised video of Beef Day's celebration, in which cattlemen feed stacks of beef sandwiches to the lawmaking masses in Olympia to raise awareness about beef. Here's video (featuring former Stranger freelancer Bryan Bissell) from the Washington State Democrats:

Things to consider: Ranchers in Washington state slaughtered over one million delicious cattle in 2008. According to a law passed by the legislature, the state collects one dollar per head, which funds the Washington Beef Commission. The state beef agency exists to "fund beef promotion, research and consumer education activities" to support the beef industry. The more beef people buy, the more the ranchers make, the more the state beef promotion agency makes, and thus the more beef they can afford to give away in Olympia, and therefor the more AWARE lawmakers are of the $543 million beef industry. Happy Beef Day, ladies and gentlemen! Beef Day. BEEF DAY.