Late last Saturday night, a man at the Fremont bar 9 Million in Unmarked Bills (which Jen Graves reported on here) allegedly made sexual contact with a very drunk woman while friends took pictures, a Seattle police report says.

On February 21 at around 1:15 a.m., officers found a woman in the bar "who was so intoxicated that she could not tell me what her name was, she could not hold herself in an upright seated position, and she did not know where she was" and vomited "several times in succession," police records show. Witnesses said that "she had fallen and possibly struck her head."

One witness told officers that "she saw [a man] attempting to make out with [the woman]. It appeared the man had "pulled [the woman's] shirt down and appeared to be licking and or sucking [the woman's] nipples," the report says. Other witnesses told police that "several of [the man's] friends were watching and taking photographs with their cell phones of the incident."

A bouncer had tried break up the activity, but a man "punched him in the face, splitting his lip and causing him to bleed" and then "tried to leave with his friends in one of the two cabs stopped on scene."

The alleged nipple-licker was arrested placed under investigation of "indecent liberties," and the alleged lip puncher was arrested for "assault," police say. "Several cell phones were confiscated and placed into evidence," the report concludes. Police believe "that several photographs were taken on these cell phones and may have been deleted while officers were attempting to contain and control the scene."