The copy on all three ads reads, "Smoking means being a slave to tobacco.” The campaign—which features two boys and a girl—equates smoking with sucking off creepy old men, i.e. the cigarette company suits enriched by young smokers. Some folks think the ads are sexist (despite the two-boys-to-one-girl ratio), you could argue that they're homophobic (because what could be worse than giving head to a dude?), some think the campaign glamorizes underage sex, and some think the campaign unfairly stigmatizes oral sex.

"The message here is that tobacco is a form of submission," said a spokesperson for the agency that created the campaign. "In the popular imagination, oral sex is the perfect symbol of submission."

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But someone needs to let the French know that The Onion beat them to it...

New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens 'It's Gay To Smoke'