Using the alias "Neo" - a reference to The Matrix films - the hacker claims he wants to expose those cashing in on the recession in Latvia.

He is slowly passing details of leading Latvian firms via Twitter to the TV station and has its audiences hooked.

The Latvian government and police are investigating the security breach.

Data leaked so far includes pay details of managers from a Latvian bank that received a bail-out.

It reveals that many did not take the salary cuts they promised.

Other data shows that state-owned companies secretly awarded bonuses while publicly asking the government for help.

Two things: One, it's interesting that the Robin Hood of our day does not actually steal stuff from the rich and give it to the poor; he instead steals information about the rich and shares this information with the world.

As for two: It must mean something (the homogenization of financial/global space?) that even there, in faraway Latvia, the problem is exactly the same as here—greedy banks, massive bail-outs, and huge bonuses.