Why, it's a survey for Rising Voice, the youth division of Focus on the Family!

What do you think of social policy? What are the issues you’re concerned about? Rising Voice is a forum for discussion and a channel for you to give input and help us shape social policy at Focus on the Family Action. We want to hear your thoughts, learn your needs and, hopefully, provide helpful information and resources to help you impact your corner of the world.

Go here to watch a video explaining the survey (warning: Contains two uses of the word "dialogue" as a verb and the phrase "there's so many issues going on"). And, if you're a Christian youth, you should go here to answer questions like "What are the social and political issues you care about?" and "What can we do to reach your generation with a conservative message (what obstacles do we need to overcome)?"and (my favorite) "How would you change the way groups like Focus on the Family Action engage in culture or politics?"

Of course, I'm not suggesting that we fuck with this survey—heaven forbid!—I'm just alerting you that, if you're a Christian in your teens and early 20s, you might want to think about adding your voice to Focus on the Family's Rising Voice survey. Which, again, you can find over here.

(Via Ipomea on Tumblr.)