...and so good with children.

The bloody paw prints were still in the snow, and a bunch of white gauze lay nearby. The pinkish snow was packed down where two pit bulls had attacked a 10-year-old boy—severely injuring his right arm and puncturing his neck, left arm and back with their teeth shortly after 11 a.m. yesterday.

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The child had been walking with two boys who had both dogs on leashes. The dogs—one brown and the other white with brown spots—began fighting each other, then turned on the 10-year-old, said Capt. Ben Naish, police spokesman. It was the third vicious pit-bull attack in Philadelphia in three days.

On Friday, a victim's wrist was nearly severed. On Saturday, a woman was mauled to death. And last night, doctors were trying to save a little boy's arm. All three attacks involved dogs known to the victims.