Ready For a Let-down?: Today President Barack Obama will hold a televised bipartisan summit on health care in an effort to pull his previous trainwreck out of the fire. (Too bad the opportunity that will never repeat itself has already passed.)

Tim Burgess Ain't Got No Change: Because times are already too hard for the employed. (Legislate something that matters.)

Cowardice in Numbers: Sixth suspect arrested in tunnel-beating case.

Tense Times: India and Pakistan think it over.

Bluff Called: China polices internet while Google watches on.

John Mack: Bank executives are still overpaid: "I still don't think the industry gets it." (No shit, Sherlock.)

520 Death Match!: McGinn requests discussion with Steve Ballmer.

Downloading Killed the Compact Disc Player: iTunes sells 10 billionth song.

How the Mighty Stumble: (and maybe start to fall).

Book Trailer of Note: