This is the final weekend to see Eric Fredericksen's Olympics group show in Vancouver—in which the artists mess with the venue, the Olympics, and each other. It's called Invitation to an Infiltration; Frieze review here and Peripheral Vision review here; both totally worth reading even if you don't go to the show.

Among the works in the show are Holly Ward's podium made of Pepsi; Jordan Wolfson's video of cartoony Coke bottles full of milk all sloshing around—the video enclosed in a box because it doesn't want to play with the other artworks; and Lucy Clout's black unibrow suspended above the gallery desk so you can't make eye contact with the assistant.

  • Eyebrows

Over the course of the show the work has changed—the artists messing with each other, jostling and competing like their athlete counterparts. Hadley & Maxwell went into the gallery at night and created a video in which an erect penis pokes at Holly Ward's Olympics-style barricade; that video will kick out Jordan Wolfson's video for this final weekend, pushing Wolfson off the screen like a racer who has fallen behind.

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Tomorrow at 1 pm will be Fia Backstrom's piece Game-Set-Matcha conversation between a game theorist (Yoram Halevy) and a hockey coach (Ryan O'Keefe). If you're up there for the Olympics, you'd be crazy to miss this show.

Jordan Wolfsons Con Leche: Fell behind in the race.
  • Jordan Wolfson's Con Leche: Fell behind in the race.