This is you. You are cute.
  • This is you. You are cute.

Looking for a way to kill your last hour at work today? Try the endearing meta of This Is the Only Level—an indie game that just got a satisfyingly titled sequel, This Is the Only Level Too: The Heroic Quest to Complete Another Level, promising "100% More Levels, Sharp Pointy Things, and Fresh Elephants."

You play as a tiny elephant, and the game only has (okay, no surprise here) one level, which you play again and again (and again), each time with subtly shifting rules: Some tweaks play with the interface, others change the game's assumptions, still others rely on your memory or just how meta you're willing to go. Your brain will be broken and remade. A couple recommendations: play the original before the sequel, and pay attention to the level titles for hints if you get stuck.

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57 lives didnt seem like a lot at the time.
  • 57 lives didn't seem like a lot at the time.

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