You must, must go, says Sean Nelson:

Though subjects of Her Majesty the Queen will tell you otherwise, the best of British television is so much better than most American television, they should be able to sell tickets to it. As if to test that theory, we now receive the Red Riding trilogy, a series of UK TV movies based on a series of true-crime suspense novels by David Peace, at the Northwest Film Forum. It seems likely that these books (there are actually four of them, though why only three were filmed is its own gritty mystery) will wind up being made into a Hollywood film sooner or later—Ridley Scott has apparently bought the rights—so now is a good time to see what the stories look like before being ruined. What they look like is this: a truly epic police procedural about the cancer of institutional corruption, the lengths the guilty will go to keep it secret, and the prices paid by individuals who try to expose it. Uh, it's also five hours long, so if you watch it all in one go, bring a snack.

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You should see all three parts, and all at once, if possible. You can do that Saturday and Sunday at Northwest Film Forum at 5, 7, and 9 pm. Hence the snack.

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