SO MUCH PIZZA: Spokane pizza chain offers 100 PIZZAS as a reward for helping to catch a robber that held up one of their locations.

Yup: KING 5 talks about how shitty stalking is after the murder of a Tacoma teacher.

Yay: State Senate passes amendments that preserve funding for some healthcare programs.

Oh No: Pesticide drift in California makes people sick.

US Health Care Update: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi having trouble with centrists in the health care vote.

Sucks: Marie Osmond's 18-year-old son dies; apparently jumped off a building.

Chile Update: Death toll up to at least 300, two million people affected, tsunami warnings lifted.

Haiti Update: Now they're dealing with floods, too.

Intense: Hamas commander drugged and suffocated in Dubai hotel room, people suspect Israel's secret service.

In Afghanistan: Roadside bomb kills 11 civilians.

AXE COP: Best cartoon ever! Also, it was written by a 5-year-old.