It was on after the closing ceremonies... but I didn't make it through the closing ceremonies. I bailed during the singing of the Olympic Anthem, which I didn't know existed, and which is composed of random drills from a learn-a-foreign-language CDs, selections from long-forgotten opera scores played backwards, with a scary high note in a stocking cap jumping out from behind the bushes every once in a while to keep us from falling asleep.

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I went to bed and read instead. (Wolf Hall—it's amazing.)

So I missed the premiere of Jerry Seinfeld's new show... The Marriage Ref... which, judging from the commercials we'd seen during the bits of the Olympics I gave a shit about (which did not include hockey), promised to be the grimmest hour of television since Law & Order SThisBabyHasBeenRapedVU. Apparently "real people" are taking marriage advice from Jerry Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin. Um... how'd that work out for those real people? Anyone see it?