Make Them Pay: State senate endorses house bill (HB 2941) that would create Interstate 405 toll lanes between Lynnwood and Bellevue.

Tsunami Trauma: Following a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake, Saturday's tsunami kicks Chile while it's down, obliterates coastal towns.

It's the Media's Fault: Police arrest a 17-year-old Washington student for allegedly planning a school shooting and posting about it on Facebook.

Giant Snake vs. Baby Dinosaur: Nobody's a winner.

Strike at UW: Students to rally on Thursday against tuition hikes and upcoming state budget cuts for colleges.

The Trials of Fish Boy: 14-month-old child doesn't have pores, grows scales instead.

Your Brain on Google: UCLA researcher finds middle-aged brain experiences significant increases in activity in the areas of memory and decision-making after a week spent Googling.

Speaking of Google: Topeka changes its name to become Google, Kansas.

The Tea Party Meets Its Match: Coffee Party rallies on Facebook to “Wake Up and Stand Up.” Like their counterparts, the Coffee People seem to have a drink-themed name, a slogan, and nothing much else of substance.

Shed a Single Tear: The original Red Robin restaurant set to close at the end of March.

James Cameron Blows Himself: Calls An Inconvenient Truth boring and then proclaims himself the greatest environmental director of all time.

Talking Heads: A nonprofit cryogenic head shop fought and won the right to freeze the head of a 71-year-old Colorado woman who set up a $50,000 annuity to cover preservation costs, but then changed her mind before she died. We'll see you in the future, Mary Robbins.