Cascade Bicycle Club is ramping up to host the 2010 Seattle Bike Expo next weekend, March 13-14 at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal 91 in Magnolia. For people who've fantasized about mowing down road-blocking riders at Critical Mass, this event illustrates that not all cyclists are self-satisfied turds. The event strives to celebrate all things cycling. Along with hundreds of local and national vendors to check out, the expo is bringing out world champion artistic cyclists from the International Cycling Union to perform.

What the hell is an artistic cyclist, you ask? From what I can tell, they are the figure skaters of the bicycle community, minus half a pound of glitter.

"You don't ever hear of them in the states," says Cascade Bicycle Club spokeswoman M.J. Kelly, "but in Europe it's a highly popular and competitive sport."

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The Seattle Bike Expo will also have a classic bike show, personalized bike fittings (bring your own bike), an Oregon bicycle constructors area where you can watch bikes be hand built, and a kids zone where kids make art out of old bicycle parts and practice their riding skillz. Check out the schedule for more details.

And go here for a $2 dollars off admission for up to 4 in a group. Cascade Bicycle Club is celebrating its 40th year in Seattle.