On February 24, around 9:15 p.m., Seattle police responded to a call that two men were fighting on the 1600 block of Boylston Avenue, according to a police report. Officers arrived on the scene and noticed that both men had injuries to the area around their eyes.

One of the men reportedly told police that "while walking northbound, the suspect approached him, said, 'I'm gonna kick your ass,' and leapt on his back." He sustained multiples blows to his chest and face, while he responded by punching the suspect "several times in the face in self-defense."

But the suspect had a different, and more interesting, account.

The suspect told officers that he was "attempting to climb a fence to get at a bindle of heroin, he fell, and poked his eyes on the spikes lining the top of the fence," the police report says. The fence-climbing suspect told officers that other man attempted to help him off the fence and, believing he was being robbed from behind, "elbowed victim in the face."

Although the police could not locate any heroin in the area, the man who was climbing the fence for heroin was arrested for assault.

There are two lessons to be learned from this: (1) If you're a heroin user, and you want to stash your drugs: keep them close to the ground; (2) If you're a good samaritan, and you see someone dangling on a fence: leave them be.