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...but I love the almost-always-deserted Starbucks on almost-always-deserted Concourse B at Sea-Tac Airport. Never a line, always have the place to myself, and I find the familiar chairs, couches, tables, light fixtures, etc., strangely soothing before boarding a flight. But I still haven't set foot in 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea, the "inspired by Starbucks Victrola" fauxindy near my house. I'll kill time at a Starbucks at any airport—the Starbucks at the airport in Calgary is a particular favorite—without feeling conflicted but I can't bring myself to spend a cent at 15th Ave Coffee & Tea. The place doesn't make me angry and I don't avoid it out of feelings of solidarity with the owners of other coffee places. It's just that... 15th Ave Coffee & Tea is a lie and I don't like being lied to. I am, however, happy to patronize a Starbucks that isn't lying to me.

And, hey, no one at this Starbucks has a gun.