New Hope for 520 Bridge: State House of Representatives give Seattle neighborhoods a chance to build a better bridge.

Toxic Treasure: Seattle landmark Rainier Brewery might be slated for demolition due to its toxic paint job. The building currently houses Tully's Coffee headquarters and hundreds of musicians and artists studios.

Ulysses S. Who? Fans of Reagan want to see him on the $50 dollar bill.

Gays Bad for Morale, Erode Military Cohesion with Their Love of House Music and Skin-Tight Fatigues: Criticize GOP lawmakers of the proposed DADT study.

Bunning Lowers His Pitchfork: The Kentucky senator, who senator Patty Murray bashed yesterday for being obstructionist, relents on the unemployment bill that will extend benefits to thousands (still blocks the confirmation of all presidential nominees).

Digital Media Over Textbooks, Fewer Standardized Tests: Gates Foundation surveys 40,000 teachers about how they'd fix the nation's schools.

Slippery Slope: Progressivism leads to Communism and Nazism says national treasure Glenn Beck.

Stewards of Nuclear Waste: Australia wants to put the country's first toxic waste dump on tribal land.

Gays Gettin' Married: The District of Columbia will begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples today.

Playing Pinochle in Pripyat: Dublin director makes a short film outside Chernobyl, gets Oscar nod. (I would've played pinochle then ridden the ferris wheel.)

Eat the Evidence: Man arrested by the FBI for installing ATM card scanners swallows a flash drive of evidence.