This shit is delicious.
  • This shit is delicious.
Do you drink tea? Have you ever been to Vital T-Leaf? If your answer to either of those questions is "no," you've got some personal growth to undertake.

I went to Vital-T this past weekend for the first time. It's basically a big store full of tea paraphernalia, but the real pleasure comes in the tasting bar, which runs along one entire wall. It's stocked with different types of spoons, serving trays, and pots, and Vital T employees will give you a personal tea tasting experience, which basically means that they will make you dozens of tiny cups of tea. They'll show you the specifics of how to make the tea, explain how much caffeine is in each cup, and suggest teas based on your preferences.

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I came away from Vital-T with 8 ounces of the Ginseng Oolong, a naturally sweet-but-not-flowery tea, and some floral tea that's not on the website. I would advise you to get some tea consultation at Vital-T immediately; I bet this place gets slammed with tourists in the summer, but right now you can find the tea of your dreams in a nice, relaxed setting.

UPDATE: Gold star to Smartypants in the comments, who points out that the website is not very helpful when it comes to giving directions to Vital-T's storefront. They're at 2003 Western Ave, just around the corner from Victor Steinbrueck Park.