Unending are the pleasures of reading Kimberly A.C. Wilson, a reporter at The Oregonian, the best daily in the Pacific Northwest:

Have you noticed the flurry of news headlines in the last week about bald eagles in crisis? First, there was the eagle that crashed into a home in North Portland on Thursday. Then Sunday night there was an epic battle between two squabbling eagles in a Lake Oswego tree, leaving one badly injured. And now this, from Seattle's KOMO-TV station, about a frantic eagle, which got a talon tangled in a rope secured to a dock on Pine Lake in Sammamish, east of Seattle.
How can you beat that: "an epic battle between two squabbling eagles"?

Wilson saves the best writing for the end:

Brown, a raptor bird specialist, whistled what he calls "an eagle song," and apparently the big bird found comfort in that, if not a bit confused by the sounds. Brown ever so gently draped a blanket over the eagle's head.
Comfort and confusion—the difference between the two conditions is seen as not at all great. Wilson used to write for the PI, which was once the best daily in the region.