Charles Mudede on City Council Member Tim Burgess's plan to crack down on solicitation:

King County Council is seeking to hire one or more Senior Legislative Analysts.
To apply & view a complete job announcement go to Closes 4/26/21 at 11:59pm

Many of us see nothing in all of this but the continued criminalization of poverty. Problems of poverty and mental illness are, once again, being solved not with improved social services but with increased law enforcement. But what our lawmakers and upstanding citizens must understand is that the police are not the solution to all of our problems.

Cienna Madrid on kicking out artists to make office space in Magnuson Park:

  • Mark Kaufman
Under the plan, more than one-third of the 1940s building in Magnuson Park—one of several warehouses and hangars among the lawns and ballfields—would be renovated for commercial office space, rentable to any tenant, regardless of its contribution to the community.

Dan Savage toasts to 24-hour bars in the city:

It wasn't much of a debate.

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After City Attorney Pete Holmes publicly embraced studying the idea of allowing later closing times for bars and nightclubs, or no closing times at all, KUOW invited club owner and Seattle Nightlife and Music Association (SNMA) member David Meinert to appear on The Conversation with Richard Thurston, a gallery owner who lives and works in Pioneer Square. Meinert was supposed to argue for later closing times; Thurston was supposed to argue against them.

In other news: Council spurns seawall ballot; McGinn acknowledges seawall vote won't happen in May; the state house submits budget to stock the state's bare cupboards; legislature passes bill to reduce drug overdoses; prosecutors charge cold case from 1972; Central District pastor vows to house felons in the neighborhood; and the strategy for cinching better health care.