Wow, those Kiki Smith photos inspired some perverted responses that knocked our judgy fezzes right off our heads. I can't wait to see what the show is like at Friday's Open House party at the Henry—to which I have those FREE passes to give away...

And the winners are:

Image #1
Winner: Sarra S., "Not frightened by their rotundity, but by their suddensudden stillness." (We don't know whether that's some kind of reference or what, but we like the sound of it.)
Runner-up: "We’re always late because you take so long to get ready”


Image #2: Troy D., "I Prefer Berber"


Image #3: Gurldoggie, "Given: 1. The Swimming Pool, 2. The Power Supply, 3.The Embalming Fluid" (We can't resist an Etant Donnes allusion.)


And one winner will get two passes, because her title covers all three images: Heidi H., "Mama said there'd be days like this."

All the winners will get emails in the next few days from us to hook up the pickups for Friday night's bash. Thanks for playing.

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And here's another Kiki Smith image deserving of a great title, if you want to throw one around in your brain. See you at the show!