The Awl's Maria Bustillos makes a wonderful case that Dave Eggers is like a latter-day Wyndham Lewis: Both men are extremely talented, and both men are extremely hated.

...I’ve made a table of Google searches using the phrase “I hate _________,” and put in a lot of divisive-seeming haute-literary names.

Mary Karr: 0
Donna Tartt: 0
Ben Kunkel: 0
Marisha Pessl: 1
Ayelet Waldman: 1
Jonathan Franzen: 2
Michael Chabon: 2
Richard Powers: 2
Joan Didion: 4
Elizabeth Wurtzel: 89
Zadie Smith: 102
Jonathan Safran Foer: 120
Rick Moody: 374
David Sedaris: 774
Dave Eggers: 3880

Besides the flashy use of Google, Bustillos makes a fine case against Eggers-hating. You should read it.