As I've written over the last few days, it looks like Charles Pellegrino's Last Train from Hiroshima is a book with some problems. First, a source reportedly lied to Pellegrino, bringing many of the book's sexy revelations into question. Then, the author's doctorate looked increasingly suspicious. Then it appeared that several sources might have been completely fabricated. The publisher halted publication on the book and is offering refunds to booksellers and wholesalers, even as Hiroshima is sellling more copies now that it's the center of a scandal.

But one person who is not having it at all is Avatar director James Cameron. Cameron, who has worked with Pellegrino and has optioned a film version of Hiroshima, says that this is all bullshit.

A story from the Daily Telegraph quotes Cameron as saying, “All I know is that Charlie would not fabricate so there must be a reason for the misunderstanding.”

Will Cameron go ahead and produce a film version of a book that the publisher has halted? James Frey didn't have The King of the World on his side; Cameron's involvement makes all of this a lot more interesting.