Schools across the country rallied today to protest the rising costs of tuition and the drop in adequate education due to teacher layoffs and furloughs, as part of the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education.

Support The Stranger

At the University of Washington, the Student Worker Coalition—a group of students, faculty, and staff—organized their own rally. Hundreds of pissed off folks gathered on one of the campus lawns to vocalize their frustration with the school’s administration. Many familiar talking points from the speakers: no layoffs, freeze tuition increases, cut administrators’ pay. After the speeches, the riled masses formed a picket line encapsulating the campus’ quad.

Michelle Woo, one of the event organizers, said after the event, "We believe in a democratic process... all of our actions are focused on empowering the students to take control over our lives and our education." At this time, however, the group doesn't have any concrete plans to see their demands fulfilled. "I don't know how we're going to get there," said Woo. "Right now, we're creating a mass movement."