The biggest question in D.C. right now is how many votes there are in the House of Representatives for health care reform. Among those keeping everyone guessing: Rep. Brian Baird (D-Vancouver), who voted against the House's version of health care reform back in November of last year. Now that he's retiring from Congress, he says he's "undecided" about whether to vote in favor of health care reform on his way out.

Not all that surprising from Baird, who's been all over the place on a number of issues (most famously the Iraq war). But there's an interesting question that his indecision sets up:

What would the people who want to replace Baird do?

Republican Jamie Herrera, somewhat predictably, is calling on Baird to "again oppose this effort to steamroll the wrong bill through Congress." Her move is smart politics, putting a little pressure on Baird—and a lot of pressure on the Democrats running for his seat in this conservative district.

Exactly how much pressure?

Put it this way: Neither Denny Heck nor Craig Pridemore, the two leading Democrats in the race, responded to a request to say what they'd do if they were in Baird's shoes right now.