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I am originally from the east coast, and so far Georgetown is the part of Seattle that smells to me most like my native New Jersey. Luckily no smell in this town can hold a candle to the burning-tires-doused-with-mayonnaise tinged odor emanating from the toxic ecosystem that is the Passaic River. It's like an old saying we have back in Jersey: you can take a girl out of the pollution, but you can't take the pollution out of a girl. So thanks Georgetown, for bringing me back to my roots.

With its rustic interior, I imagine Georgetown Liquor Company is a great place to meet for a geeky vegetarian (b)romance. The east wall of the bar/restaurant is lined with old school gaming systems NES, Super NES, and Atari 2600. GLC's official game list boasts titles such as Battle Toads, Donkey Kong, and Starfox, among many others.

If you are susceptible to names like the Picard and Darth Reuben, the vegetarian/vegan sandwiches will make you feel cool, but if you are simply interested in satiation, their meatless menu does a fine job of filling you up.

As per Megan's urgings, I tried the Picard and it was hearty. I know all about how Field Roast is made locally here in Seattle, and I am all about supporting local businesses, but I am generally not an advocate of fake meat. Luckily, the lentil Field Roast in the Picard held up well to the melted cheese and roasted onions for a densely chewy bite. Paired with the salty au jus, my sandwich was packing in flavor.

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My lunch companions had the Darth Reuben and R2 PITA-2, and being the Suggests patsy that I am, I demanded they offer up bites of their sandwiches. Not a fan of roasted tomato Field Roast, I knew the Darth Reuben would leave me a little flat, but the R2 PITA-2 was refreshing with its plentiful veggies, diced tofu and house-made caesar. Topped off with a Cranberry Crush from the bar, I would say it was a successful lunch.

I must approve this Suggests for setting me up easy, since it looks like the events coming down the pike are all about to pinch my fanny.