Vancouver Sun:

VICTORIA — A shipwrecked American sailor was plucked off the rugged shores of the west coast of Vancouver Island Wednesday ending a five-day wilderness ordeal eating nothing but lichen.

Keith Carver, 56, of Tucson, Ariz., said he doesn’t think he would have lasted much more than one more day had he not been spotted waving his arms to attract the attention of “this beautiful helicopter.”

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“I just wanted to live, I just wanted to see my wife again and eat chocolate ice cream with her. I’m done with these kind of adventures,” said Carver.

To begin with: You can actually eat these things and not die?
  • Image by Pellaea
Everyday there is something new to learn.

To end with: Many urban Americans hunger for precisely "these kind of Adventures." They ever oh-so-want what the sailor experienced for real, for real: stranded and alone in the wilderness for five fantastic days. No other humans, just streams, trees, rocks, sky, wind, sea, and lichen for lunch. This is the vacation of a lifetime.