There are six days to go before this year's legislative session in Olympia is set to end, and while there have been a lot of proposals for filling the state's $2.8 billion budget hole, there still isn't an agreed-upon plan (much less any significant legislative movement on the subject).

Does that mean an extended session is coming?

Sen. Ed Murray (D-43), chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus, tells me:

Given the enormous fiscal crisis the state and the nation are in, 60 days is probably not enough. If we go into special session it won't be because of any huge disagreements, but because of the sheer size of the number of issues we are attempting to address.

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Jeff Reading, spokesman for the senate Democrats, puts the odds of a special session at 50-50. Higher odds than in previous years, he says, because "the budget process is more complicated this year."

Over on the house side, however, spokesman Melinda McCrady says: "We are still planning to be done on time. I have my fingers crossed!"