Or so he says: it was Chicago, not him.

“Two years ago, I played, and I was good,” Bradley said. “I go to Chicago, not good. I’ve been good my whole career. So, obviously, it was something with Chicago, not me.”

OK, as far as logical fallacies go, this is a classic non sequitur, or post hoc, ergo procter hoc. And what was it about Chicago? Al Capone's ghost? The fact that the Chicago River flows uphill? The potential casting of Johnny Depp to play Chicago author Nelson Algren? Whatever, at some point, he will be blaming the fish-tossers at Pike Place Market for his problems in Seattle. Or maybe the Underground Tour. But whatever happens, it won't be his fault because it never is.

Some responses to the responses to my last post on Milton Bradley and the games he plays:

Yes, a walk is better than an out in terms of increasing the odds to score a run, Fnarf. But is it better than a double or a single? OBP is certainly a better measure of a batter's ability to get on base, but when a player in a power/rbi slot in the lineup will ALWAYS take a walk instead of swinging, he hurts his team, and last time I looked baseball was a team game. With Bradley, this tendency also leads to his run-ins with umpires: on a 2-2 or 3-2 count, just watch him let that called third strike go past (especially on cut fastballs) since he's working for the walk and his precious OBP instead of a hit or sacrifice fly that could score a run or advance a runner. And just yesterday, Milton agreed with me about not just taking a walk:

“But when [Seattle has] that kind of speed at the top of the order, you’re going to get more runs when you have guys behind them hitting balls in the gap. . .

Hope he practices what he preaches. And last year, the Cubs did exactly what the OBP/OPS Sabr-stats Gods say they should, and both players (Bradley and Aaron Miles) tanked. Hits, runs, rbi for this dinosaur.

Yes, the Cubs are stuck with Carlos Silva. You also sent us 9 million dollars, which the team plans to use for sensitivity training seminars for our douche-bag bleacher fans, who are as bad as the Yankees and Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles and Man United fan bases combined. Pure eeeeeeeeeevil.