Regarding the open house for proposed felon housing, which I just posted about, a coalition of concerned neighbors have released this open letter to New Hope Baptist Church, drafted at a semi-public meeting (held after the open house) that I wasn't allowed to attend.

The letter doesn't introduce any new information, but I've posted it after the jump. Anyway, the public meeting on Monday promises to be interesting.

We, the members of the 22nd Avenue Block Watch and Community Group, an organization that has been meeting regularly for more than 35 years, recognize the importance of and need for housing in helping inmates transition back into our society. We have supported other causes promoted by Reverend Jeffrey and Black Dollar Days Task Force over the years. However, due to the lack of planning, the absence of prior community notification and input, and the numerous organizations supporting vulnerable populations in proximity to the proposed location (including housing for seniors, day care centers, and schools), we believe it is necessary to proceed in a measured and responsible manner. As our talks with the Reverend and BDDTF continue, we urge him to address all of our concerns expressed in our letter of February 25, 2010, as well as any expressed by us or by other neighborhood organizations in the process of reaching a Good Neighbor Agreement.