Reports The Hill:

A pro-life group is launching a $500,000 campaign to convince Blue Dog Democrats to vote against any healthcare bill that includes the Senate's abortion language.

The Susan B. Anthony List (SBA) will target eight anti-abortion rights Democrats: Reps. Jason Altmire (Pa.), Paul Kanjorski (Pa.), Brad Ellsworth (Ind.), Baron Hill (Ind.), Steve Dreihaus (Ohio), Charlie Wilson (Ohio), Marcy Kaptur (Ohio), Boccieri (Ohio).

The new blitz accompanies [Susan B. Anthony List] SBA-commissioned polling in those districts showing that large majorities oppose federal funding of abortions. SBA and other pro-life groups support provisions that would prevent any federal subsidies from being spent on plans that cover abortions.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) says at least 12 Democrats will not vote for any bill containing the Senate language. That would be enough votes to kill the bill, assuming no Republicans cross the aisle.

Hey, I know we're a Seattle blog, but we've got readers all over the country world, so if one of these folks is your representative, give them a call at the Congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121.