Some of the questions put to me last night by students at the University of North Dakota...

Why would someone tell you they love you but later say they don't mean it?

Why are romantic relationships exclusive while other relationships, such as friends and family, do not require this element?

My vagina is too tight to let my boyfriend's penis in. Any advice?

How much leeway can you give a guy who is still (years later) insecure from a bad breakup? When do you cut your losses?

Are there any dangers in swallowing semen?

My friend is penis shy. How does she overcome this?

Do you recommend that committed partners get tattoos with... "Property of (Your Lover's Name Here)"?

Since you are anti-impromptu anal, what do you suggest when you want it and don't have a day to prepare?

Why would someone tell you he wants to focus on school so he breaks up with you and then he's dating a new girl a month later?

Some of my answers: some someones lie, some someones change their minds; wait—romantic relationships are exclusive?; see a doc to make sure nothing's physically wrong and, if there isn't, experiment on your own and enjoy—maybe with Enjoy—until penetration is a pleasure for you, not just something you're enduring for him; right about the time you write that question on a 3" by 5" card and pass it to an advice columnist experiencing post-chocolate-covered-potato-chips mood swings ; small risk of HIV, smaller risk of drowning; exposure; yes; oral; hm... same handwriting as the first question ("Why would someone tell you they love you but later say they don't mean it?"), so it's safe to say that he was lying to you.

Thanks to Missy and Jordan at UND for being such great hosts.