State Budget: The house passed its version late last night.

Paul Constant Is Going to Be Ecstatic! Downtown Renton library now open on Sundays.

Black Hawk Down 2: The U.S. is providing aid to Somalia in order for them to gain control and stabilize their country.

More Information on the Pentagon Shooter: His parents had warned authorities of his "bizarre mental state."

In Iceland: Citizens will be voting on a referendum that will determine whether or not their government should reimburse the UK and the Netherlands $5.3 billion dollars in debt repayment.

U.S. Senate Race (California Edition): Three Republican candidates duke it out in their first debate to become the challenger against Senator Boxer.

In Iraq: Elections will be held tomorrow.

Another One Out: Freshman Democratic Representative Eric Massa, of upstate New York, is resigning due to allegations of harassment.

They're Pretty Firm in Their (Selective) Beliefs: A Boulder, Colorado, Catholic school has decided to forbid a preschool student from enrolling next year because the parents are a lesbian couple.

Being Eaten by a Shark Is My #1 Fear: Even though attacks continue to decline, I'm still not getting in the damn water. Candy gram.

Holy Shit, This Kid Can Dance!*

*His name is Jacob Almanza, and he attends Cornish College of the Arts. This video is from over two years ago; just imagine what he can do now. Keep your eye out for this rising star!