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Since my neck was still sore from Chain and the Gang, I decided to go with Jen's suggestion of the Henry's spring opening last night.

The are several exhibits happening at the Henry right now, but I Myself Have Seen It: Photography and Kiki Smith, sprawls its tentacles across the main level of the museum. The photos of scattered, sculpted limbs, and the strategically placed sculptures themselves, made me want to sit in a heap on the floor and inspect my own body.

If you are the kind of person who needs to make a mental note of every work in a museum, the photos lining the crown molding on the floor could take you hours to process. To me, they served as a reminder of the innumerable amount of art that can be contained within a space. In another room, Smith's Banshee Pearls looked like silkscreened dreams; like the moment when you close your eyes just before you fall into a deep sleep.

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Stepping out to get some free beer, we were greeted by the musical mash-up stylings of DJ Darwin from Mad Rad, and he even got the older folks moving. There was a coterie of UW students dancing all night, while various other revelers outside mingled under the tents, ate hot dogs, drank beer, and seemed to be having a great time in the crisp March weather. I love a good art party, and the Henry knew what was up.

So far, I am enjoying everything the Stranger has suggested. Approved!