Comics gossip site Bleeding Cool reported this morning that a bunch of huge graphic novels on Amazon suddenly started selling for $14.99. Amazon's bestseller list is now loaded with 800-to-1000-page full-color comics that retail for over a hundred dollars (and because the $14.99 comics made it to the bestseller list, they are automatically discounted again, to $8.24.) If they actually follow through with these prices, Amazon will be losing a lot of money on each of these books.

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Bleeding Cool had a followup report, sending people to various Omnibuses of comics that readers discovered. And they just posted that it's a glitch:

Sorry folks.

I have it on good authority from Diamond Book Distributors that the current state of Amazon.com — where most of the books in the Top 100 are now comics books, oversized graphic novels priced at $8.34 and $14.99 no matter what the original price (sometimes up to $125) — is a glitch.

And it’s being fixed.

In all likelihood if your order is being processed, then you’re getting those books at that price and someone will probably have to eat the difference. If not, expect to get a firm but polite email from Amazon explaining that you won’t be getting these books at the price you ordered them at — though you are welcome to purchase them at the usual discount rate.

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At the moment of this writing, Amazon's bestseller list is still full of obscenely cheap funnybooks.

UPDATE: As of 1:34 pm, the prices are back to normal (in the sixty dollar range.) We'll see what Amazon does now.