Ok, while waiting for the NCAA men's basketball tournament to actually begin, a few quick words about former Mariners now playing in/for Chicago:

Carlos Silva gets lit up like a fucking Christmas tree, proving all the Cubs haters right in perpetuity.

JJ Putz worried about bouncing back from his shitty year with the Mets.

And to all you Slog commenters hating on the Cubs and wishing for more of a local angle: for the record, I love Ichiro and have said so many times; he should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But maybe Slog can find a sportswriter-du-jour like the Slog Suggests gimmick.

As for Bradley: no hits and two walks so far. OBP: .400. SLG and BA: 000. Just like his IQ. Meanwhile, Ichiro has an identically disgraceful OBP and BA of .286, but he's scored two runs and driven one more in and is slugging .571. And stolen a base. But, whatever. Bradley must be having a better spring, since he's been on base more.

And just to beat the commenters to it: yes, it's only Spring Training, which lies like a rug. It's not a statistically meaningful sample size. The games are meaningless exhibitions, just about getting your stroke and getting into the groove for the season. But even early numbers provide patterns, and if Milton's trying to get into a groove, that groove is the one on his shoulder where he rests his bat.